Privacy Policy

1. Our Commitment To Personal Data.

The protection of personal data should be your right.
It is our responsibility to do everything we can to protect your data.
Data should ONLY be collected when it is required to provide a certain product or service.
We will NEVER sell, share or disclose your personal data without your permission unless it is requested by warrant by law enforcement agencies.

2. Legislation We Abide By. follows the guidelines and legislation of the following bodies

The UK Data Protection Act 1998
The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018

We follow the guidelines of the Information Commissioners Office the UK's official data protection body.

All the regulators above impose strict practices when it comes to the processing and storing of your personal data. If you are not from the UK the chances are we will meet the data regulations in your country too.

3. Data Retention. collects various kinds of data depending on what you do on our site. In this section, we tell you what information we collect, why we collect it, how long we store it for and where we store it.

3.1 Account Information Data 

Registration processes are not used on this site so no personally identifiable data about you will be collected for account purposes.

3.2 Browser Tracking Information

What: What site you came from to get to our site, what link you clicked, what browser you use, what operating system you use, your geographical location, your IP address.

Why: Like a lot of websites we may use Google Analytics and other tracking software to track user interaction with our website. This helps us find out things like how many people visit our site, how they navigate around our site, the pages that are most visited. This data is stored on our website to provide us with traffic analysis. It helps us improve our site and our services. This information does not directly identify you as a person it is just behavioural data. Google may also record your IP address which could be used to identify you, however, they do not give us access to that information.

Google also uses cookies you can find details on that in the developer section of their site. (see third party providers)

How Long: This data is normally purged every 3 years. It is not personally identifying data so there is no way we can remove data about your visits as we do not know what part of the data is attributed to you.

Where: Basic tracking information is stored within our hosting account with (See third party providers)

Any Google based tracking is stored by Google on their servers. While this data may be used to track you Google does not give us access to that kind of information. (See third-party providers.)

3.3 Email Contact Form

What: Your full name, email address, your message to us and your IP address, the date and time you submitted our form.

Why: We store these details so that we can respond to your questions or enquiries.

How Long: We store all email sent to via our website contact form for a period of five years to comply with UK law.

Where: We store this information securely in our database and in our business email accounts hosted by (See third party providers)



3.4 Emails Received By Any Email Address

What: A full copy of any email including all headers received by any email address.

Why: So that we can communicate and respond to any enquiry.

How long: This data is kept for 5 years in accordance with UK statutory business law for the retention of email in case of a dispute.

Where: We store this information securely in our database if you used our form and in our business email accounts hosted by (See third party providers)  

3.5 Emails Sent By Any Email Address

What: A full copy of any email including all headers sent by any email address.

Why: So that we have a record of all communications in case of dispute legal or otherwise.

How long: This data is kept for 5 years in accordance with UK statutory business law for the retention of email in case of a dispute.

Where: We store this information securely in our business email accounts hosted by (See third party providers)

3.6  Backups Of This Site

What: We take daily backups of our site including ALL mail, files, images, text and databases used to run our site.

Why: For recovery purposes if a site gets damaged, hacked or in the case of hardware failure resulting in data loss.

How Long: These backups are kept for three days then automatically deleted.

Where: They are stored securely on our hosts Google Drive account. (see third party providers)


4. Third Party Providers And Data Processors

Some of the services we use may process, store or have access to your data to help us run our service to you. We have no control over their processing or data storage however they are all reputable and data protection focussed companies that have been vetted by us. The companies we use are as follows;

Google See Privacy Policy
3001 Web  See privacy policy

5. How We Protect Your Data

Data is encrypted when sent between your devices and our website using 256bit encryption provided by SSL certificates issued for our own site.
Our web hosts servers have regular security checks and hardening performed on them by their server administration team.
Our web hosts servers contain (among others) the following security protocols;
cPHulk brute force protection to protect against brute force attacks
Mod Security
PHP open_basedir Protection
CageFS is enabled This provides filesystem-level protections for our site.
Apache Symlink Protection: CloudLinux protections are in effect ensuring each hosting account is caged and totally separate from other accounts on our cloud.
CSF firewall is installed, and LFD is running.
System kernels are updated instantly as released.
The MySQL port is blocked by the firewall, effectively allowing only local connections.
Password strength requirements are strong at both server level and admin areas for our site.
Outbound SMTP connections are restricted.
Php versions upgraded regularly as soon as they are stable.
Our site is monitored by 3001web for out of date or no longer supported plugins, themes and core code. Any outdated plugins or theme are updated immediately.

6. Data Breaches

We will report any unlawful data breach of the database or the database(s) of any of our third party data processors. This will be reported to the ICO in the UK. The report will be submitted within 72 hours if we can establish that personal data was accessed or stolen. In the event that personal data was accessed and in accordance with the GDPR rules we may also inform the data subject (you).


7. Cookies

The website of uses cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored in a computer system via an Internet browser.

Many Internet sites and servers use cookies. Many cookies contain a so-called cookie ID. A cookie ID is a unique identifier of the cookie. It consists of a character string through which Internet pages and servers can be assigned to the specific Internet browser in which the cookie was stored. This allows visited Internet sites and servers to differentiate your browser from other Internet browsers that contain other cookies. A specific Internet browser can be recognised and identified using the unique cookie ID.

Through the use of cookies, can provide the users of this website with more user-friendly services that would not be possible without the cookie setting.

By means of a cookie, the information and offers on our website can be optimised with the user in mind. Cookies allow us, as previously mentioned, to recognize our website users. The purpose of this recognition is to make it easier for users to utilise our website. The website user that uses cookies e.g. does not have to enter access data each time the website is accessed, because this is taken over by the website, and the cookie is thus stored on the user's computer system. Another example is the cookie of a shopping cart in an online shop. The online store remembers the articles that a customer has placed in the virtual shopping cart via a cookie.

You, of course, may, at any time, prevent the setting of cookies through our website by means of corresponding settings of your Internet browser, and deny the setting of cookies. Furthermore, already set cookies may be deleted at any time via an Internet browser or other software programmes. This is possible in all popular Internet browsers. If you deactivate the setting of cookies in your browser, not all functions of our website may be entirely usable.

8. Your Rights As A Data Subject

GDPR and DPA give you the following rights to do with the data we store on you.

The right to be informed.
Put simply you can ask our data controller why we store your information and what we use it for. However, that is openly discussed above.

The right of access
You have a right of access to reading of any data that we store on you. This only applies if you have registered at our site. If you have not then we do not store any data on you.

The right to rectification
If any of the information we hold about you is incorrect you have the right to have it amended.

The right to erasure (right to be forgotten)
You have the right to have all data we have on you erased. There is SOME data that can NOT be erased even on request as we are required to keep it by statutory law in the UK. EG financial transactions and invoices which we are legally obliged to store for 5 years after the end of the financial year they occur in. Statutory law overrides any privacy law in most countries.

The right to restrict processing
If you want to restrict us from processing information that is incorrect until it is corrected. When processing is unlawful and you oppose erasure and request restriction instead. If we no longer need your personal data but you require the data to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim.

The right to data portability
The right to data portability allows you to obtain and reuse your personal data for your own purposes across different services.
It allows you to move, copy or transfer personal data easily from to another company in a safe and secure way, without hindrance to usability.

The right to object
You have the right to object to the processing of your data for the following purposes;
Processing based on legitimate interests or the performance of a task in the public interest/exercise of official authority (including profiling);
Direct marketing (including profiling); and
Processing for purposes of scientific/historical research and statistics. does not currently process data in any of these ways.

Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. does NOT employ automated profiling in any way.

Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. does NOT employ automated profiling in any way.

11. Lawful Basis For The Processing Of Your Data

We need to process your personal data to be able to reply to any questions you may send us using the contact form on our website.

12. Changes to this policy

This privacy policy was created by on 17th May 2018. We may change this policy at any time. Changes will be notated below. It is your responsibility to check this privacy policy regularly for changes.