All of our locksmiths and auto-locksmiths are fully trained in all forms of entry methods of opening uPVC doors, wooden doors, windows, garages, sheds, padlocks, cars, vans and all other types of doors and vehicles, without damaging your door, window, garage or vehicle.

No matter what the scenario, we are able to assess the situation and decide which method of none destructive entry best suites your needs at the time. Our locksmiths will gain entry to your domestic, commercial property or vehicle with the minimum of damage to your property.

Dependant on the situation we would always endeavour to try pick locks, including mortice locks, dead locks, multi-point locks, padlocks etc., before any other course of action is sought.

Your locksmith will advise you of any course of action they deem necessary i.e. drilling and replacing a lock, before commencement of any works. We will give you a clear indication to the appropriate charges beforehand too.